C. (Carlos) Osvaldo Gomez, M.Ed., M.A., is an educator of humble beginnings living the American dream.  As a teacher and assistant principal, he helped hundreds of struggling teens stay out of trouble and graduate high school.  His work as an administrator was chronicled in the San Diego Union Tribune in 2013.  His patient, calm, and trustworthy approach when working with students earned him the nickname, “Homie G.”

C. Osvaldo has also helped novice investors invest in startups, real estate, and the stock market, communicating with clients over the phone or via the Internet.  He was featured on Money Magazine and on video on Time.com/Money in 2015.  He’s been assisting people achieve personal and financial success as a blogger at CommonCoreMoney.com.  He also teaches an entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and personal success class as an elective to 8th grade students.

C. Osvaldo has authored four eBooks for Kindle and has had several short stories published online and in anthologies.  His author profile can be read at TheLatinoAuthor.com.  Read his full biography here.

C. Osvaldo Gomez presents,

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